Nauticam Epic/Dragon Housing

There are three variations of the Epic Body (Carbon Fiber, -M, and -X), as well as Scarlet.  Both Epic and Scarlet are available with either Mysterium-X or Dragon Sensors, and all of these models fit in this housing.  Dragons ship with an upgraded fan, and this update is also supported by the housing.

The N200 Port system is a large diameter mount that supports most PL lenses. Adjustable, geared lens controls drive the focus, iris and zoom functions of cinema lenses from large ergonomic knobs located at the housing handles.  DSLR lenses can also be used via zip gear attachments.

The housing has been tested with and supports Zeiss CP.2, a Zeiss CZ 15-30 prototype, Leica Summicron-C, Arri Master Primes, Arri Ultraprimes, Angineaux Optimo 15-40 and DP 16-42, Cook S4, Schneider Cine Xenar.

The system is easy to build with as few tools as possible.

The primary camera control interface is RED’s DSMC Side Handle, which never loses its connection, and provides two command dials and no reliance on redmote.

The housing is configured for internal mounting of the RedTouch 5” LCD screen.  No RED cabling is passed through water, making the 5in LCD monitor an always on status and monitoring panel for the camera operator.  Two mounting locations are available, one rear mounted for camera operator, one top mounted for tripod work.  External monitors are available as optional accessories.

Lens access from the port, and the ability to remove the camera housing with a lens installed, are integral to the Nauticam design philosophy.   This allows the user to build the rig on a table, in good light, where they can clearly can see what they are doing.

Adjustable lens controls allow the system to be set up with a variety of cinema style geared lenses without the use of tools.  Locking ports, and locking extension rings, provide extreme security when the rig is assembled.

A trim / balance bracket allows a trim weight to be installed on the bottom of the system, and moved forward in back in water to dial in the perfect front-back balance with accessories mounted.

Accessory locations for HDMI out, SDI out, Hydrophone/Microphone, tally light.

Nauticam’s vacuum valve and electronic monitoring system allows the housing to be tested for water tight integrity before entering the water.  The green status LED is always on when the system is sealed, indicating the system is safe to use.