HydroRama™ 8K HMI

Illuminating large areas underwater is quick and easy with the HydroRama. This powerful fixture is especially effective for front lighting underwater greenscreens & bluescreens, but it’s also great for creating dappled lighting effects on walls or ceilings around interior pools. Depending on your requirements the unit can be configured with either dual 4000W SE HMI’s or dual 5000W SE Incandescent lamps. Reflector position is fully adjustable through 180º. Standard mounting configurations include a low-mode plate that allows getting close to the bottom of a pool and a yoke with a standard 1-1/8″ junior male spud. Modular components and ground fault sensors (GFCI’s) which prevent electrical accidents, make these lighting systems safe, flexible and easy to set up. Designed for submersible use only, the unit is depth rated to 100 ft.