HydroHead 3 Axis

The “HydroHead 3 Axis” from HydroFlex, Inc. is a HydroHead with a roll axis in addition to the pan and tilt. The HydroHead’s light weight and low profile, combined with the tubular hydrodynamics of the RemoteAquaCams, allow this system to glide through the water.

Our 3-axis analog head uses underwater mateable connectors and is depth rated to 100’. An optional bracket allows mounting a standard Arri, Panavision or Sony camera package in one of our custom splash bags for surface wet work.

The HydroHead 3 Axis system uses standard Power Pod electronics for the pan and tilt and a custom electronic control for the roll providing ±35° or a total of 70° movement.

A dovetail balance plate is built into the roll axis to accommodate a wide variety of prime and zoom lenses. Also a large selection of camera combinations and HydroFlex custom Splash Bags can be fitted for above water shooting in wet situations.

  • Specifications

  • Operating Depth:
  • Weight in Air:
  • Weight in Water:
  • Power Req'd:
  • 100 ft.
  • 114 lbs.
  • 96 lbs.
  • 110/240VAC or 48VDC
    and 24VDC for Axis Module Roll