Bender LG100

With the inherent dangers of electricity in and around water, safety must always be your first consideration. HydroFlex stocks the Bender LG100-120v GFCI for use with our HydroPar 4k HMIs or for any of your electrical devices that will be near a body of water.

The LG100 – 120v Standard is the most reliable and tested 100amp GFCI in the industry. The LG100 incorporates a LED chain from 0% to 100% on the user interface that allows you to see how close the unit is to tripping. And with this NEMA 4x rated housing you are guaranteed that the electrical safety of you cast and crew is not compromised! We even have an optional model that is completely DIMMABLE! Having this ability allows the user to protect a circuit that needs to be dimmed or have an effect during the scene- especially where a wet location is near.
For more information, visit the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Bender Lifeguard website</a>.