RemoteAquaCam Mk5

The RemoteAquaCam Mk5 is the latest and most advanced generation of underwater camera housing from HydroFlex, Inc. It incorporates a Preston Remote Lens Control system to manipulate focus, iris & zoom of the lens which allows for the use of a wide variety of professional cine lenses. The unique design of the housing also accommodates a variety of cameras including the ARRI Alexa, Phantom and Red Epic. With block batteries supplying power from the surface you can shoot for hours without pulling the camera out of the water. The director views the full HD video via underwater HD-SDI cable, and the camera assistant pulls focus and adjusts zoom & iris with a Preston Hand Unit at the surface. Full remote camera control over the Alexa and Phantom is possible with the optional HydroFlex underwater Ethernet cable. The housing is depth rated to 100’ and is supplied with glass flat and dome lens ports to suit all above water, “split level” or underwater shooting needs. Remote Aqua Cam Mk5