HydroFlo® Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Utilizing industry-standard KINO FLO® *flicker-free ballasts, HydroFlex offers 4 ft., 2 ft., 15" and 9" underwater fluorescent fixtures for any wet or underwater application to a depth of 100 ft. They may be used individually, handheld, or hard mounted with our simple-to-attach weight cuffs. The lamps can also be grouped in banks of four or eight on flat panels or in our underwater soft boxes to provide a soft key or fill source. The fixtures are available with UV Super Blue and Kino Flo® 2800, 3200 and 5500 tubes. All HydroFlo fluorescent fixtures are supplied with underwater mateable connectors that allow them to be mounted in underwater sets, after which cables can be brought down and connected. The HydroFlo Mick Light is a compact, lightweight variation of the HydroFlo light box using two 15" KINO FLO® tubes. Its size and weight make it useful as a fill light for tight quarters. Dry weight is 8 1/2 lbs. and wet weight is 1 1/2 lbs. * KINO FLO® is a registered trademark of KINO FLO, Inc. HydroFlo® 6ft., 4ft., 2ft., 15", & 9" Fixtures HydroFlo® 4 ft./4-Bank Panel HydroFlo® 4 ft./8-Bank Panel HydroFlo® Mick Light 15"/2-Bank Fixture HydroFlo® 9" Kit