Developed by an underwater cinematographer, HydroFlex manufactures an extensive line of lighting systems.

All HydroPar Tungsten & HMI lights are now available certified conforming to UL & CE standards.

The HydroPar®, HydroFlo®, and SeaPar®, lighting systems are specifically designed for feature and commercial film production and over the years have become an industry standard. Modular components, underwater mateable connectors and integrated ground fault sensors (GFCI’s) which prevent electrical accidents, make these lighting systems very safe, flexible and easy to set up.

Each lamp is compact and lightweight. Barn doors and specially designed snoots are easily added by simply removing the lamp head retainer ring and inserting the accessory. Filters, gels and scrims may also be added. The beam pattern of our lamps is adjusted by changing lenses or globes inside the sealed head, which affords the full effectiveness of the lens. If the diffusion lenses were placed outside of the lamp in the water, they would not diffuse the light nearly as much. (For more details about this click here)

All HMI lamps, incandescent lamps and fluorescent panels mate to a 5/8″ spud and are compatible with standard grip and lighting equipment. With the exception of the HydroPar 2500 and 4000W SE HMI’s, and the HydroPar 650 and 5000W Incandescent, all lamps can be used above water for timed intervals which allows them to work well on partially wet or rainy sets. All lights are depth rated to 100 ft.

For added safety, all HydroPar, HydroFlo and SeaPar lighting systems are fitted with our custom underwater mateable connectors and utilize an extended ground pin for “Mate First/Break Last” grounding of the lamp. HMI lamps are run on AC power only and incandescent lighting can be powered with AC or DC.

All HydroPar Tungsten & HMI lights are now available certified conforming to UL standards.