HydroFlex Honors and Awards

HydroFlex was proud to receive the 2002 Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences,“for the design and development of the Remote AquaCam, an underwater camera housing system for use in motion pictures.”We extend our sincerest thanks to the members of the Academy for this recognition of our efforts.


Arri 435 RemoteAquaCam

The 435 RAC (RemoteAquaCam) was engineered primarily for use with remote 3-axis heads on cranes for at sea or wet stage work. Field testing has also proven the 435 RAC to be as useful for handheld filming under the water or floating on the surface. Designed around a standard Arriflex 435, custom SL Cine 400′ magazines and Preston remote focus and iris controls, this low profile camera system can be easily fitted with Cooke, Panavision or Zeiss spherical and anamorphic lenses. Some small lightweight zoom lenses can also be used. Both flat and dome ports are available as well as a variety of port extension rings to accommodate the different lenses. Water drops are cleared from the front port by an air-powered rain deflector.

Utilizing the Arriflex IVS (Internal Video System), the 435 RemoteAquaCam provides 100% video for remote viewing. In the hand-held mode a HydroFlex 6.4″ color monitor allows the operator to set the frame while the camera assistant rolls camera, and pulls focus, iris and zoom from above water from as far as 100′ away. The optional Preston Marine FI&Z hand unit gives the camera assistant camera run, focus and iris control underwater. All RCU functions can be controlled using a custom cable to the surface. Fully loaded, the system weighs 65lbs. out of the water and is depth rated to 100′.

435 RAC with 6.4” monitor, Arri RCU and Preston FI&Z
435 RAC with 6.4” monitor, Arri RCU and Preston FI&Z